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Now that the launch of the highly anticipated real-time payments network FedNow is finally happening, what will it mean for real-time payments in the U.S.?…

Paradise FedNow? How the 2023 Payments Network Will Improve Real-Time Payments (September Fintech...

Now that the launch of FedNow, the Federal Reserve's real-time payments network, is finally happening in May or June of 2023, @Seema Amble looks at what this means for fintech.

For a better understanding of the prospects of FedNow, a16z Growth partners @Alex Immerman and Santiago Rodriguez look at the adoption of Brazil's real-time payments network PIX since its launch 2 years ago.

Catch up on our latest fintech investments: @Payall Payment………

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Faster payments are good for everyone, the increased fraud is obviously not. @Sardine's best in class fraud engine & payments on-ramp will become a requirement for a faster payments world @sardinesoups.eth @adityagoel.eth

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Simplifying cross-border payments from @Joe Schmidt IV and @Anish Acharya.…

4 strategies vital to ensuring your fintech infrastructure company has a solid foundation and a path to scale, by @Marc Andrusko and @angela strange.…

Why @Nubank just launched Nunos, a gamified rewards program.

1/ @Nubank just launched a gamified rewards program: “Nunos.” Users are rewarded for completing financial “missions” using Nubank. Nubank, like other consumer fintech cos, is focusing on “phase 2” as a neobank – engaging, retaining, and cross-selling to their *existing* users

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