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#WorldGorillaDay is just one day away on September 24! At GRACE, #gorillas rescued as infants from the illegal wildlife trade live together in a surrogate family much like those seen in the wild.

The gorillas enjoy large habitats of native #forest, where they can learn and grow together – and build survival skills necessary for potential future release into the wild. Grauer’s gorillas are only found in eastern DR Congo, where GRACE is located.

Beyond the sanctuary, GRACE works hand-in-hand with Congolese #communities on conservation education, forest protection, and sustainable livelihoods, to protect wild gorillas and their habitat.

GRACE’s community-led conservation work includes gorilla monitoring in nearby Tayna Nature Reserve, a #biodiversity hotspot and one of the last strongholds for Grauer’s gorillas on the planet.

Celebrate #WorldGorillaDay with us by learning more about what you can do to protect gorillas with our '10 Ways to Be a Hero for Gorillas' free download:…

GRACE Gorillas


A Future for Gorillas, Built on Community

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