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Fancy a change of scenery? 🏡 You can get paid £2,600 to move to Spain and £5,000 if you have a baby there! 🇪🇸 👶

People in the UK who are looking for a change of scenery can get paid to move to Spain - and can even double their money by having a child there.…

Many small Spanish villages are struggling with depopulation issues, so they have introduced some cash incentives for people to move there and start a family.…

You can get paid £5,000 to move to Spain and have a baby there

Moving to a different country is something that's often too stressful or financially draining to consider, but some Spanish regions are literally paying you to move there! ✈️ 🇪🇸

Across Spain, many small villages and towns are struggling with depopulation after young people decided to relocate to cities. To combat this, local councils have decided that a good way of enticing new inhabitants is with a financial offering.

Ponga in Asturias, northern Spain, will pay families 3,000 euros (£2,622) to settle in the town, with an additional 3,000 euros for each child born.

The landscape around the town is naturally beautiful and it's also home to many rural churches and a stunning national park. But it's not all countryside, there's surfing beaches on the Costa Verde and good ferry links to the UK via Satander and Bilbao. 🇪🇸 ⛴ 🇬🇧

Ponga in northern Spain is beautiful but remote (Image: Getty Images) We can see the red clay rootops shine through the lush green tree tops. The fields surrounding the town look like they have grown some kind of hay, it's a lovely light caramel.

The town is not the only one trying to tempt people into the town to grow its population.…

Rubiá in Orense - also in the north of Spain - is paying new residents as much as £130 a month to live there. 🇪🇸 The town has good transport links to Galicia and is close enough to Braga and the beaches of Viana do Castelo in Portugal for a good day trip. 🇵🇹

Griegos in Teruel, which is between Madrid and Valencia, is another charming village that needs more people living there to function. If you fancy making the move, then the local authority will give you three months of free rent and the possibility of a new job.

Its aim is to attract families with children to keep the school open, with rent beyond the three months capped at just £300.…

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