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its my 5 year anniversary at the @The Ringer, which feels both very long and very short! i dig up some pics from over the years, all the way back to the intern days, starting with intern Kate’s first day selfie (she learned quickly that slacks and lipstick were not required)

my 2017/2018 archive is dominated by early intern bff @Danny Heifetz, who appears to have spent most of each workday on the ground

world’s best intern boss @Craig Gaines (in his pre-beard era) was rarely seen outside the Copy Cave but made his appearances count

(apologies to Craig specifically for starting this thread with a typo)

i seem to have done a lot of matching outfit documentation over the years (twins seen here: @Juliet Litman, @Alex Lee, @Jordan., @✨a✨, @amelia wedemeyer)

i was quite often confused, yet entertained

and of course i got to start a fun, silly lil podcast with my favorite work wives @Tea Time 💕☕️🥲

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