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Sep 23

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1/ Operational situation update / #russian_invasion in #Ukraine on September 23, 2022 The situation is still evolving past #Oskil river & North Donets river. Lots of reports that #UAarmy is still moving forward! today was still a good day. #UkraineMap

2/ During the last 3 days #UAarmy managed to recapture the towns of #Yatskivka, #Rubtsi, #Oleksandrivka, #Krymky, (reportedly Lozove too but i wait for hard proof) & #KorovyIar fighting in #Novoselivka & #Drobysheve (tonight they said it is surrounded! )

3/ which is quite important because as you can see in topo map i've juste made that #Novoselivka would have been a true pain in the a.. to capture, but easy to "roll" around #Drobysheve, break the lines & take #Shandryholove #Шандриголове so it will free all the area...

4/ Also as reported this morning #Lyman is certainly almost surrounded tonight and there is a good chance that Ru are just going to leave the entire area before getting trapped. now they need to move back about 8 click north East to find better position for defense. not so easy

5/ Also if as you can see here, #UAarmy break through to #Makiivka & #Yampil & Lyman fall, the new line of defense might not be #Torske/Terny, but farther away, the axis #Kreminna #Svatove.. so it is possible that we could witness a sudden "crash" as last week, & a huge area

6/ that would directly be "given" back to #Ukraine army. we are not there yet, but the dynamic do not stop, day after day. Ukrainian troops fighting are really doing great now, & victories are pushing them even further. the other Good news, would be for #Borova soon to be free.

J. comme JéJé 🇫🇷 🇺🇦 #UkraineMap


J'avais pris un nv compte pour me détendre.. Mais quand je vois ts ces dingos, conspi & révisionnistes... va être dur. Cartes, réflexions & Analyses... parfois.

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