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The thing is ... I've run a company. Tax cuts are NOWHERE NEAR as important as a stable, strategic plan. Customers who feel confident to spend. Education that provides skills. Trading laws you can predict. Knowing more or less what the currency will be worth in 6 months. 🧵

For the last decade we've thrown away all such plans, all such stability. The govt told us The Market would provide. They ran a 12 year experiment in The Market Providing, and it's been a slow motion catastrophe (with occasional fast-motion disasters thrown in).

We have shit productivity cos we have shit training, and that's cos we don't invest in education. We have shit international trade cos we left the EU, and told the world we don't care about laws, so nobody trusts that today's agreements will still be observed in 3 months.

We have shit manufacturing cos we've got lousy infrastructure, and that's cos we've neglected for a decade. So moving goods around - or even getting staff into a factory on time - is harder than it should be.

We have shit efficiency cos we didn't give a hairy day-glow fuck about regional inequality, so millions people - each of them packed with potential - have been abandoned and left to rot in dead-end towns, while we shovel money and tax cuts at the rich.

We have shit investment cos nobody believes the UK under the Tories is actually a smart bet. It gets worse every year. There is no viable, believable plan. The govt has abandoned its duty and exists to serve and reflect the prejudices of its tiny, elderly, irrational base.

In a normal, advanced economy, all those things - strategy, training, infrastructure, stability, and a plan to make the most of each person - would be the role of govt. Here, it's every man for himself, in the demented belief this will make us competitive rather than chaotic.

But the govt's view is - just as with old communists - the problem isn't the idea, but that it hasn't been properly implemented. Do it more, be more extreme, be more ideological and blind to reason, and The Promised Land will emerge. Any day now. Just you wait.

But it looks like the world has done waiting. The experiment has failed utterly, even by its own shonky definition. As the market shows today, investors are bailing. The plan - if you can even call it a plan - persuades nobody. But the Tories are out of ideas.

Meanwhile I can't imagine anybody running a business anywhere in the world who WOULDN'T give up a 5% tax on profits in return for a bigger chance of MAKING peofits. Trained staff, easy trading, good infrastructure, and a govt that doesn't wash its hands as business flounders.

tl:dr We are fucked until these maniacs go. And repairing the damage caused y their hair-brained experiment with 67 million lives will be VERY costly.

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