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Let's take a look inside the Galerie des Machines (Gallery of Machines) at the 1889 Paris World's Fair The Gallery had the largest open floor area of any building ever made. It was a quarter mile long and 460 feet wide. Destroyed in 1910. We were the Finders not the builders.

Into this great building was poured the heavy power technology of the late 19th century: engines, dynamos, transformers. It was all lit by the new electric lights, now only seven years old. Huge traveling walkways carried passengers overhead so they could gaze down on all this.

Among all the devices we see many church-like models, arrays, sticks and other objects that have mini-domes. Don't they look similar to what was once on the Eiffel tower?…



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"The Eiffel Tower as a colossal lightning conductor." Looks like it could power the entire city of Paris!

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Anything introduced or shown in a Great Exhibition is the Old World carry over from the erased civilisation.

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