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Phil Jackson used to LOVE talking. He talked so much he tanked Melos trade value just so we can get Enes Kanter. He talked so much he talked himself into drafting Frank Ntilikina cause of his wingspan. He talked so much media and the noise drove Drose to go Awol.

Knicks press conferences and media appearances are some of the most embarrassing moments in our history. The Steve Mills/Perry conference 😂 The "they say we're the new superteam" The "He is a player that would be better off somewhere else"

Watch this and don't get pissed lmao. "HE LIED"- Funk flex voice…

Phil Jackson


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NBA analysts give me some diagnostics on how 3pt oriented teams are faring this playoffs...seriously, how's it goink?

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This was around when Drose was Awol

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