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You see countries are slowly dumping US dollars, as you can see in the following graph showing the percentage of the US dollar in global reserves over the years 🧵

2. I think the steadily falling percentage indicates that countries are losing trust in the US's honesty -- that the US won't inflate the dollar to worthlessness, and that the US won't steal their reserves. The countries are dumping their dollars slowly...

3. as dumping them quickly would ruin the value. But they are definitely dumping their dollars. The world's countries are also losing faith that the US won't actually start conflicts, in fact

4. In fact, the US is causing much of the turmoils/conflicts. In its attempt to become the capo of a global Mafia, it forgets that Mafia-like hierarchies are extremely unstable. We have had two world wars already; the third one will likely be humanity final suicidal act.

5. The sooner the US's hegemonic ambitions are curbed, the better for humanity's survival.



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