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Sep 24

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🧵NEW! I am back to providing *interactive* Canadian provincial #covid19 charts in an effort to increase data transparency. They *currently* cover counts and rates per million for hospitalizations, ICU, deaths. See more examples in thread. ⤵️ link:…

Reported covid deaths last 30 days.

Same chart only rates per million for better comparisons.

How each province has done on total confirmed covid deaths per million.

Like most of my viz, you can select various measures from the menu in the boxes at the top or sides, select or highlight a province by clicking the legend, and see stats at a date by hovering on a trend or map. I am thinking about adding more but we'll see.

Credit to… and for the source data.

A definitive dataset for COVID-19 in Canada. Contribute to ccodwg/CovidTimelineCanada development by creating an account on GitHub.…

GitHub - ccodwg/CovidTimelineCanada: A definitive dataset for COVID-19 in Canada.

It takes a village. For information on Canada's provinces and estimates on infections, excess mortality, and more, see…

Note: I have included the territories for completeness but their reporting is sparse or very low. See my notes in the viz for the full citation and limitations re the data in a time when some provinces have more irregular reporting schedules.

Bill Comeau 🇨🇦🇺🇦


Hemingway: "Gradually, then suddenly" #Covid19 chartmaker. UofW M.Math (Statistician) ret. 😷 #N95 #CovidisAirborne #VaccinesSaveLives #LongCovid

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