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Oct 23, 2022
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- Hot As Fuck But Also Cute, You Know? - a #namjin drabble When this hunk of a customer happened to visit their cafe, one could not blame Jin for harboring a bit of a crush. or Jin likes Namjoon, but Namjoon is a disaster gay (>.<)

- very short, 1.6k words - meet cute - fluff, no angst - IDK what this is either don't ask me pls
If there's one thing that Jin really likes, aside from his cafe of course, it's taking care of his friends. He likes it when Taehyung snuggles with him at night or asks him for help with his random projects and side hustles (no matter how weird they sometimes get);
he likes it that Hoseok feels comfortable enough with him to share very detailed stories about his dating life (even though his stories sometimes get too wild it makes Jin fear for his soul). He likes keeping Yoongi, well... alive? One could say that it's Jin's raison d'etre.
Sometimes, though, he could not help but wonder about how it would feel to be the one being taken care of. To be swept off his feet and to be pampered by a PERFECTLY CAPABLE MAN. Could be nice, he thinks to himself.
So when this hunk of a customer happened to visit their cafe, one could not blame Jin for harboring a bit of a crush. "Welcome to Moonchild cafe!" he greeted, trying his best to hide his blush when the man smiled, dimples showing on his cheeks.
He looked so shiny, with his shiny hair, and his tailored clothes, and shiny shoes, and, oh my lord, his chest. One look and Jin could tell, ah, /this guy has it all figured out./
The man (whom Jin nicknamed, temporarily, as “shiny daddy”) squinted at the menu behind Jin, perhaps not noticing that an exact replica of said menu is on the counter, right in front of him.
Jin points to the menu, and “shiny daddy” gives him an “Oh! Nice!” kind of smile. "One iced americano, please." Technically, “shiny daddy” did not have to check the menu if all he was going to order was an iced americano. Every cafe has that.
Jin took it that “shiny daddy” likes to be sure before making decisions. /Nice./
"Iced Americano for?" "For?" "Your name?" "Ah, Kim Namjoon." “Shiny daddy,” or Namjoon, pulled out his wallet, dropping his phone in the process. "Shit, screen's broken again." 'Again?' Jin thought.
It seemed that the cafe made quite an impression on Namjoon, as he decided to drop by every day after that first visit. And when Sunday came and the cafe was closed, he made it a point to bring it up the next day.
"You're closed Sundays?" he asked while waiting for his Iced americano. Seokjin looked up at him from behind the counter, all while making his coffee. "Hmm?" "I mean, I dropped by yesterday, and you were closed."
"Ah yes, our business hours are written outside," Jin politely pointed to the decal print on the cafe's glass door. "Oh," Namjoon let out, clearing his throat. He could be slightly embarrassed. "Well then," he said, as if putting a final punctuation mark to the conversation.
He got his iced americano and walked out of the cafe, tripping over his own shoe along the way. Somehow, Jin started to feel like Namjoon wasn't as capable and put-together as he initially thought.
Namjoon did not show up the next day, or the day after that, which bothered Jin only very slightly. Maybe he could have handled that conversation better? /Eh. Maybe not,/ he thought. They happened to have two new striking customers during Namjoon's absence though.
They came in looking all haughty, chin up, looking around as if evaluating the place, slight frown (or are those pouts?) on their faces. One had a shock of pink hair, very pouty lips, and heavy lidded eyes, definitely a model.
Jin recognized him from some magazines that he had at home. The other was a bit taller, with slightly long hair tucked behind his right ear, black hoodie over an oversized shirt, statement boots. Could also be a model, or a professional goth.
Either way, these people were not the type to visit a cafe like his. They introduced themselves as Jimin and Jungkook, and they both ordered very sweet drinks. Before they left,
the one called Jungkook turned as if he was about to say something, thought about it for a while, and then headed out the door.
"Hyung, you won't believe what happened earlier," Yoongi confided in him as they were cleaning the kitchen, leaning against the counter and dreamily staring into nothing. "So there's this really attractive customer earlier, name’s Jimin,” he explained.
“And he looked hot as fuck but also cute, you know what I mean?” Jin did not know what Yoongi meant, but he let the younger man continue. “And after ordering his drink, he asked for my number," Yoongi laughed, as if he could not believe what happened, too.
Seokjin raised an eyebrow. "Did you flirt back? Please tell me you did, cause you need to get laid for once." Yoongi brushed up his silver hair with his hands. "Well he said, and I quote, ‘I'm supposed to get the number of the cute barista here,
so give me your number I guess?' and I did.” With a determined look, Yoongi turned to Jin. “What am saying is, I won't be here on Saturday because I have a date." He walked out even before Jin could react, leaving his chores undone.
Jin smiled at how flustered Yoongi was. Yoongi is his co-owner of the cafe, and he'd barely taken any time off since they opened three years ago. He deserved to go on a date with a "hot as fuck but also cute" customer who happened to have excellent flirting game.
"Jin-hyung! Hobi-hyung! You won’t believe what happened earlier," Taehyung squealed on Saturday night, sandwiched in between Jin and Hoseok on their couch for their pre-weekend Netflix binge. Somehow Jin felt like he'd heard that line before. The younger man turned Jin.
"So I was behind the counter earlier, right? Because you were busy baking and Yoongi-hyung was out on a date?" "Yes?" "And there was this very attractive customer, and he looked hot as fuck, but he was also cute, you know?" Jin looked at Taehyung suspiciously, eyes narrowed.
"Did you and Yoongi talk about this?" "No, why?" Taehyung seemed genuinely confused. "Huh. Anyway. Carry on." "So anyway this guy said that he was supposed to get the number of the cute barista with black hair. He really emphasized that black hair and he looked too cute!
And then he said, 'so give me your number'." Both Taehyung and Hoseok screamed in delight, excited for the prospect of Taehyung finally dating. “His name is Jungkook, but he said I could call him Kookie, and how cute is that hyuuuuung!”
Both Taehyung and Hoseok were a babbling and giggling mess at that point, grabbing Jin’s shirt and hitting his arm. All Jin could think about was that those two customer brats even copied each other's pick up line.
Namjoon finally showed up the following week, wearing a white dress shirt, that seemed too tight for his chest, tucked into slim-fit slacks that made his thighs look real nice. Jin had to force himself to stop staring. He may or may not have drooled at some point.
Behind Namjoon, and much to Jin's surprise, were the two brats who recycled each other's pick up lines. All three came up to the counter, and Namjoon pulled himself up to stand a bit straighter.
"Hello again, Namjoon-ssi," Jin greeted the customer, actually thankful that he came back. "The usual?" Instead of answering, however, Namjoon cleared his throat. "It has come to my attention that my idiot siblings," he turned to glare at the two men behind him,
"are not capable of following a simple request from their older brother." Both Jimin and Jungkook just shrugged, and then in a not-so-subtle way, peered behind Jin. Jin knew exactly what they were doing.
"Yoongi's back in the kitchen, but I could ask him to come out in a bit. It's almost his break anyway," Jin explained to Jimin, who looked a bit surprised at Jin's offer. He muttered a shy “thank you” before covering his blushing face with his hands.
Jin then turned to Jungkook, "and Taehyung won't be here until later, maybe around four pm, but you're free to wait for him if you want." Jin felt his heart melt a bit when Jungkook scrunched up his nose and smiled before saying thanks.
Namjoon looked a bit dumbfounded at the exchange, but it did not take him long to put two and two together. “So for once I ask you to help me get a date and you went ahead to get dates for yourselves? Unbelievable!"
The two just giggled and then turned around to find themselves a table. Namjoon then turned to Jin, "so, Mr. Cute Barista." "Oh, so the cute barista was me all along?" Jin asked, smiling shyly. He could feel a blush blossoming on his face, reaching the tip of his ears.
It’s been quite a while since he flirted. "Well, yes, who else would it be?" "Smooth." "May I, finally, have your number?" Jin managed to let out a cute giggle.
"So those two, when they said that they were supposed to get the number of the cute barista, that wasn't a pick up line?" "Nope." “So you actually asked your younger brothers to get my number? You couldn’t get it yourself?”
He realized at that point that he may have sounded like a nagging mom. It has really been quite a while since he flirted. Namjoon looked down at his shoes, kicking an imaginary pebble. “I’m shy, okay?” "Huh. Not very smooth, Namjoon-ssi.” Jin smiled while extending his hand.
It took a while before Namjoon realized that Jin was asking for his phone so that he could save his number in it. And when he finally realized that, he fumbled quite a bit, dropping his phone again. Jin could not help but hide his face behind his hands as he stifled a laugh.
Jin gave Namjoon his number anyway, because even though he didn't seem to be the Mr. Capable that Jin Initially thought he was, he finally understood what Yoongi and Taehyung meant when they said hot as fuck but also cute, you know.
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