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Nov 14, 2022
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#yoonkookau yoonkook au our love, it wasn't finished yet •bad first dates •love at first sight •trains •happy ending
#yoonkookau yoonkook au moon in the summer night •summer love •strangers to lovers •light angst •fluff
#yoonkookau yoonkook au you could be my one and only •fluff •no angst!! •mutual pining •happy ending
#yoonkookau yoonkook au thin ice •friends to lovers •jk & jin r brothers •fluff •very cute and happy ending…
#yoonkookau yoonkook au i'm in the stars tonight •short but really cute au!! •fluff •crack •vet jk
#yoonkookau yoonkook au gusto d'italia •chef yoongi and jk •really famous au, and for good reason!!! •FLUFF •slow burn…
#yoonkookau yoonkook au unravel •age swap!! jk is the hyung •no angst •slow burn •domestic fluff •rich jk
#yoonkookau yoonkook au wait for me •idol jk •coming out/homophobia •childhood friends yoonkook •just a tiny bit of angst…
#yoonkookau yoonkook au 24/7=heaven •fluff!! •tattoo artist jk, illustrator yoongi •flirting •first dates <33…
#yoonkookau yoonkook au kookie on ice •figure skater jk, producer yoongi •fluff •domestic fluff •super cute story…
#yoonkookau yoonkook au slowly bringing the pot to a boil •domestic fluff •fwb to lovers •no angst •short but such a nice read
#yoonkookau yoonkook au say you love me •what the fuck this is so good??!! •fluff •very little angst •domestic yoonkook 😭…
#yoonkookau yoonkook au things i love about min yoongi •i rarely read angst-y stories but damn this hits hard •angst with a happy/open ending!! •marriage and divorce •still in love…
#yoonkookau yoonkook au camping out •one shot and it's overflowing with fluff and a side of crack •camping scenario •established relationship btw!! •super cute
#yoonkookau yoonkook au smitten,kitten •kinda slow burn but such a good read •fluff and humor •asexual character/relationship •no angst bc i don't like angst 😆…
#yoonkookau yoonkook au series: who owns my heart •starts with strawberries and cigarettes •SO MUCH FLUFF!! •slow burn but oh my god it doesn't matter •bad boy min yoongi but who are we kidding, we know he's a softie
#yoonkookau yoonkook au furry business •witch yoongi, vet jk •filled with humor and a whole lotta fluff •body swap. yoongi became a cat!! •meeting the love of your life as a cat?!…
#yoonkookau yoonkook au how to ask out an idiot (the roommate special) •fluff, obvi •clueless min yoongi!! cant take a hint,, also jk being so patient and sweet •no angst bc i hate angst •college setting, side 2seok and vminjoon…
#yoonkookau yoonkook au stuck here with you •rapper yoongi, fan jk!! •stuck in an elevator •jk is claustrophobic, yoongi distracts him •really cute and happy ending
#yoonkookau yoonkook au you have stolen my heart (and my blueberries) •neighbors yoongi and jk!! •super cute, a lot of fluff •strangers to lovers •blueberries.
#yoonkookau yoonkook au next chapter •single dad yoongi, teacher jk •flirty yoongi •fluff fluff fluff •with little angst bc yg kinda overthinks??
#yoonkookau yoonkook au yes, in a different language •jk is in love with his best friend/roommate yoongi •fluff, of course. but we all know how this kind of trope goes. so there's a tiny bit of angst •jk is whipped!!! •happy ending!!
#yoonkookau yoonkook au nocturne •literally strangers to lovers •how can they be so cute when they just met 😩 •christmas themed which makes this extra adorable •pls just read this
#yoonkookau yoonkook au night light •pure fluff!! •yoongi and jk r so cute but we been knew •yoongi cant sleep with a light on, jk hates the dark •i love this sm, go ahead and read pls
#yoonkookau yoonkook au a fool, crazy in love, chasing in circles •a dare that turned to a love confession •jk taking love confession to the next level •a bit short but worth the read •yoongi is the definition of gay panic
#yoonkookau yoonkook au a butterfly learns to fly at sunrise •sad jk :<< he lost his job :/ •famous yoongi and they meet at a coffee shop •a lot of comforting from our dear yoongi <333 •no angst!! just two boys finding comfort in each other
#yoonkookau yoonkook au edit, shift, rewrite •author yoongi, editor jk •yoongi is cursed :/ he can't hug anyone. hence, he's touch starved •jk takes care of yoongi of course!! •literally so cute. so much fluff


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