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Nov 18
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There are fears of a serial killer gripping Rome today after three prostitutes were all found murdered in the same area in Rome. Haven't seen anyone outside of Italy comment on this, and the Italian commenters seem to be missing something that I can't stop thinking about 🧵

The three women were all killed within a few hours from each other and a but a couple hundred feet apart. This means that it wasn't as if the three women were jumped at the same time and killed, but killed individually and almost ritualistically....
There is nothing yet to prove they were connected except for the obvious fact that of the geographic vicinity of their bodies and the estimated time frame in which they were killed. but here is what is truly strange....
The women were killed in Prati, one of the wealthiest districts of Rome. This wasn't by the Salaria or something. This is an extremely public place where people have MONEY. but not only that...
The area it happened is but a 10 minute walk from Vatican City. The area in purple is the general location of the murders and Vatican City is literally just down the street. This is what no one seems to have commented on
To get speculative here, the fact it was THREE victims (inversion of trinity) plus the location to the Vatican leads me to believe either something weirdly ritualistic is going on here or its some kind of message directed at the Vatican
I have a lot more to say on this and will be doing a lot of research to confirm some hunches so I will update this in a couple hours
this is crazy to me because I live one neighborhood over, wild stuff
interesting that no major US media outlets (to my knowledge) have commented on this
Vade 𓁼

Vade 𓁼

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