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Shyn~~ Taking a small break 🐸

Shyn~~ Taking a small break 🐸

Nov 19, 2022
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#taekookau Billionaire Jungkook meets homeless street artist Vante on a rainy night, and offers to take him to a shelter. But V refuses, telling him he's waiting for his husband who went missing seven months ago. When he shows him his picture, Jungkook's heart drops.

Or Jungkook knows the man in every one of Taehyungs paintings, but he can't bring himself to tell Taehyung the truth. Because Taehyung is full of hope and trust that he's going to meet Yoongi again, but Jungkook knows that's not going to happen.
Tags : Minor Character Death 😞 Heavy angst. Strangers to lovers to enemies Happy ending but it takes a while.
Shyn~~ Taking a small break 🐸
Kv writer 🐸official accounts blocked 🐸Age in bio pls 🐸Fan Account🐸
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