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In the wake of yesterday's atrocity, we want to take a moment to expose wannabe neo-Nazi terrorists Aryan Compartmented Elements (ACE), a group that has been making serious threats of mass shootings directed at LGBT people and schools.…

Two members of Ace wearing tactical gear with censored faces
A picture posted by Ace showing them looking at a LGBT person's house through a scope
Ace leader Michael Brown
Ace propaganda featuring the 14 words
Ace is primarily lead by Michael "Doc Grimson" Brown of Glenmoore, PA. He is the owner of Black Market Tactical and Black Market Strength and Conditioning. Brown has a documented history of stalking and assault:…
BMSC logo
Michael Brown
On their telegram, ACE claimed to have been responsible for the arson of a school administrator's home. Based on context clues, we believe this to be the home of a superintendent in Boaz, Alabama.
Ace's claim
Burned out house
It seems strange that a duo of Nazis from the Northeast would torch a house in Alabama. However, it appears the pair have a local connection. Ian Michael Elliott who was exposed by @Atlanta Antifascists last year and lives one county away from the arson in Harvest, Alabama.
While it is possible the arson is not associated with ACE or Ian Michael Elliott, we feel that the amount of circumstantial evidence is too high not to mention here.
All of the men discussed above have deep connections to Operation Werewolf. In 2020, we began circulating a a piece entitled The End of Operation Werewolf urging researchers to pay more attention to the group. We still think it's important today.
The individuals mentioned in this article are incredibly dangerous, and we want to bring maximum awareness of them and their behavior to the communities they threaten. If you know anyone in these communities, please send them this post.
Thanks to and other anonymous comrades for their help with this piece.
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