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|| 🌱 a #heesun au wherein... Kyrie(ksn) was clueless that the FEU popular boy and well known genshin streamer, Tristan (lhs) has a crush on him.

🌱 characters - Kyrie Kim Reyes(ksn) β€” 3rd year bs biology - Tristan Lee De leon(lhs) β€” 4th year Medical Technology
🌱 - Skylar Yang Fernandez(yjw) β€” 3rd year Political Science - Sage Park Tolentino(pjs) β€” 4th year Tourism Management
🌱 - Rebel Sim Suarez(sjy) β€” 4th year Veterinary Medicine - Wyatt Park Trinidad(psh) β€” 4th year Medical Technology - Yael Nishimura Cruz(nk) β€” 3rd year Bs Biology
🌱002 - Kyrie
🌱004 Kyrie - light pink '' - thoughts
🌱012 (ignore the timestamp)
🌱 014 –(forgot to add sa previous panels) β€’ light pink - kyrie light orange - Yael violet- tristan
🌱 015
– ꒰ა tbd ΰ»’κ’± β€’ revamping this au should I make this into a short one so i could release a new story with a new plot?… Here po sa nga lovely readers ko!! Don't worry it'll stay the same just more updated and a better plot siguro (?)
|| My Secret Sunshine β˜€οΈπŸŒ· –a #heesun au wherein... kyrie(ksn) is secretly in a relationship with the FEU popular school boy and well known game streamer Tristan lee(lhs) but they keep dropping hint to their friends about the secret relationship they have
ren α΅” α΅• α΅” | ia
β€’will see enhypen!! 🌷#EN_READS : Reader | Emcee | Program committee ΛΆα΅” α΅• α΅”ΛΆ β€’ enhypen will always be my forever home
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