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for those complaining about people asking where is Lucas, saying "let WayV enjoy their comeback" and so on, it's possible to both support the comeback and ask for answers, also is understandable if some people don't even want to support the comeback for their own reasons..+

..together with the comeback UNFORTUNATELY comes also the issue of Lucas hiatus not being properly addressed. this is about someone being victim of false accusations, suffering cyberbullying and the company giving no response to fans whatsoever even after OVER A YEAR.. +
..not even to address the hate their artist is suffering. the silence of SM and the hate thrown to Lucas without the company's publicly addressing the issue nor visibly applying consequences to fans harassing him only enables the fandom's despicable toxicity. +
.."but the other 6 boys.. it's not their fault..." of course it's not and they deserve all the love and support they can get, but asking for Lucas isn't diminishing their hard work, why the hell would it be? it's a scream for answers that have been ignored for OVER A YEAR now. +
..WayV can't speak, Lucas can't speak, we have no answers no matter how much we've asked for, Lucas is harassed on a daily basis, the fans are left clueless and you think what is disrespectful is asking IN THE COMEBACK posts for the MEMBER missing from the comeback?! +
.. and about judging who's a "fake fan" or not. have you think about how not supporting the comeback is also some fans way of saying they don't approve how WayV is being treated for Lucas is a member of WayV and what happened to him could happen to any of the other members?
..if people want to support the comeback for WayV despite of SM, is valid. if people don't want to support the comeback for not supporting/condoning the company, or for feeling is too much for them, is also valid. support or not as you wish, as long as you're respectful. +
..scream WHERE IS LUCAS, scream your excitement for this comeback, or scream you're not supporting this time. 🤷🏻‍♀️ SM should listen to us and ANSWER. I hope they see both how much support and love WayV has and how much was lost. also loud and clear how much Lucas is missed.
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