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Let’s bring back WayV’s TMI 🥰 (a thread)

~KUN~ His first impression to all wayv members are handsome 🥹 and his love-hate relation ship with TEN lmao 🤣 He also said that xuxi was the moodmaker 🥹
~TEN~ Members who holds up the power in the group was Louis & Leon 😂 He also said that he’s still finding his hidden skill 🤔
~WINWIN~ Hidden skill cooking? 🤨😅 He also said that Yangyang is a kid with swag 😂 And almost all of them are saying that xuxi loves to sleep LMAO 😂
~LUCAS~ He answered “handsome” to all of the questions for members 😂 but I love how he put “DAD” on someone who holds the power 🥹🫶🏻
~XIAOJUN~ Being a mom?? 😂 kun cold on the outside?? 😅 hendery - happy virus, Yangyang - bunkbed bro (i remember the 3AM bunkbed issue with these two 🤣) And he said Lucas holds the power 🥺
~HENDERY~ They all said the Winwin is cute 🫣🥹🥰 He wants to gain more physical strength 🥹 and he said that he has the power LMAO 🤣
~YANGYANG~ Naaaur he said Winwin was King of Bad jokes 😭🤦🏻‍♀️ And Xiaojun King of Awkwardness 😅 Xuxi happy virus 🥺🫶🏻 and what??? Winwin has a habit of jumping into his bed??? 🤣
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