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Nov 23
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The academic semester is winding down and the conference season is warming up. Check out below the 🧵 to see the events we are hosting, co-organising or participating in!

November 24th (tomorrow!) we are hosting a joint workshop in macroeconomics with the @OFCE and @Paris School of Economics. Programme:… @Xavier Ragot @Stefan Pollinger @Moritz Schularick
November 30th, @Benjamin Marx will have a conversation with Oded Galor (Brown U), founding thinker behind unified growth theory, on his critically acclaimed book 'The Journey of Humanity: The Origins of Wealth and Inequality'. Event page:… @Sergei Guriev
On 11/30, we are co-organising with PEReN, @Centre Inria de Paris, and @CNNum, an original event combining round tables and a 'hackathon' on the theme: Technological Possibilities, Legal Limits: Algorithms and Regulation Info: Register ⤵️ …
On Dec 1st & 2nd, we are hosting the 5th Joint Research Conference on Firm Financing, Organisation, and Dynamics: Bracing for the Ecological Transition Programme: Register before 11/24 ⤵️… @Banque de France @Banca d'Italia @CEPR
December 7th, the @OFCE and @Sciences Po are organising a day of conferences in honour of Jean-Paul Fitoussi (1942-2022), Professor Emeritus of the Department. Registration:…
Save the date! On December 20th, we will host a day of conferences in honour of Jean-Marc ROBIN who was awarded the 2022 'Prix de la Revue Ă©conomique'. More information coming soon on our website! Prize announcement (in French):
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