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Nov 23
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Hello people; I’m officially in the market & looking for a remote UX/Product design role. I have over 5 years of exp, with a strong background in UX & PM. Here’s a link to my portfolio. 🧵has Info on some of the things I've done. RTs appreciated. 🙏🏾

Overview of some of the places I've done design: KPMG Nigeria Uplus The thread on some of my work and its impact starts here 👇
While at KPMG Worked with the team to design the ideal journey for mobile banking during the lockdown The redefined journeys were presented to C-suite executives of banks, and we worked with several of them to optimize some of their processes.
Here's the link to the presentation. It's the first 4mins.
I also worked on a remediation tool for banks, On this project I, Defined user groups and roles, and identified JTBD. I also designed, prototyped v1, and presented the work to the client. We had a crazy deadline (2 wks), & the client was not quite sure how the app should work.
Given the timeline I had to choose the journey with the most impact. We needed to impress the client and seal the contract. I helped make that happen by understanding the client/business goal through a stakeholder workshop session & aplying learnings from previous experience.
I identified the core journey that would capture the end-to-end process. Focused on designing & prototyping that. The result? The client was blown away. No negative feedback. We negotiated more time to design and develop. Case study in portfolio.
At Audi via modus, I worked to improve the usability of the dealer locator responsive app. Since there was no prior insight into how users used the system. I performed heuristic evaluation, applied UX's best practices, and conducted competitive analysis to redesign the new app.
My goal was to create a familiar experience for users while implementing tracking to understand how they used the app going forward. Here's a link to the app…
Some of the things I improved; Search, filters, scrolling, and zoom behavior. Redesigned business card view for mobile, how result are displayed, worked with another agency to redesign the map pins and test them, etc. More info in my portfolio case study.
At UDR via Uplus. I did everything from creating a research plan to redesigning interfaces. For example, I audited the previous Help center and redesigned it. Here's the link.
I led the creation of a map of the system to visualize the user journey so we could see the various pathways & touchpoints to understand better how the users were navigating our products.
We spotted broken links and redundant/duplicated flow, which we optimized to create a better and more cohesive user experience. On the project, I conducted secondary research, co-created the screener, survey and interview questions & interviewed users.
Did you make it all the way here? Thank you! You can help by liking, retweeting, or commenting for reach. My next employer might be in your network. Here's the link to my portfolio again:


X-shaped designer leading teams while skillfully balancing Product discovery, strategy, research, interaction, & visual design. Educator(Civic & Design) #UXgist
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