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I don't care if your diet is PERFECT You'll never achieve a shredded core without training it properly Below are the exercises you need to do to get a sculpted core and 6-pack abs:

Equipment isn't necessary if you want to develop a great-looking midsection But consistency IS. Each day you workout, pick 2-3 of the exercises below and do 3 sets til failure
As your core gets stronger, start doing exercises that allow you to add weight This will further strengthen your core muscles and give you that "sculpted" look everyone desires Below are my 4 favorite core exercises you can add weight to:
1. Toe Reaches Target: Abs Do them without weight until you can easily do 3 sets of 15. Hold a plate in your hands to add difficulty Don't bend your knees.
2. Weighted Side Bends Target: Obliques Hold a weight in one hand. Keep your entire arm straight and lean from one side to the other.
3. Russian Twists Target: Entire core Beginners: Legs bent, feet on ground Intermediate: Legs bent, feet in air Expert: Legs bent, feet in air, holding weight Goal: Keep legs straight in front of you. Aim for 3 sets of 30 reps total. Increase difficulty as necessary
4. Weighed Sit-ups Target: Entire Core Keep entire lower body still. Use your core muscles to bring you up. Come back down slowly (using your abs to maintain tension)
The workouts above build your core muscles Reducing your body fat percentage will REVEAL those muscles Below are my 3 rules for reducing bodyfat %:
1. Make protein the biggest part of every meal: Eggs, steak, chicken , lean beef, lean turkey, and salmon 2. Replace quick & easy *unhealthy* snacks with quick & easy *healthy* snacks (fruit, veggies, greek yogurt, protein shakes) 3. One alcoholic drink per week MAX!
REMEMBER: Don't f*cking overcomplicate this. You're not skinny fat, overweight, or "unhealthy" because you "don't know what to do" You're in this situation because you've never stuck to something long enough to see incredible results. Commitment is all you're missing
- Follow my three bodyfat % rules - Train your core exclusively using the image below And never f*cking give up. YOU'RE CLOSER THAN YOU THINK.
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