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This Thanksgiving, break the ice by telling your family and friends how baby octopuses sometimes ride on jellyfish like little hats...[a thread] 📸

It all began in 1957 when a scientist was SLAPPED by a jellyfish-wielding octopus. He published his harrowing tale in the prestigious journal science, and this is where our octopus story begins ... study: 📸 Linda Ianniello:
...Baby female blanket octopuses live in the open ocean and use jellyfish as a weapon. When they're grown, they develop a stunning cape over 6 feet long. Males are 10,000 times smaller than females and ride jellies their whole lives. BUT... 📸
They're not the only ones to ride jellyfish. Many open ocean octopuses, including paper nautilus, ride jellyfish. These amazing octos make THEIR OWN SHELL by putting their arms on their head and sweating out a little hat! AND THEY KNOW HOW TO DRIVE...
Paper nautilus octopus use strong jets of water to direct the jellyfish where to go, like riding a horse! And when they need to go fast... Video by Songda Cai: #DailyJelly jellyfish-riding octopus ride through the ocean steering their jellyfish at breakneck speed! Look at this duo go! Footage: Jonathan Venn at @Blue Ribbon Dive Resort
So if you're struggling with what to talk to your family about this holiday season, just remember: half our planet is open ocean, which means there may be BILLIONS of tiny octopuses riding on jellyfish right now! Happy tgiving! [end of thread] 📸
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