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Mentally Devastated

Mentally Devastated

Nov 23
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#noangstnov Day 23: candles Stede opened the door to the flat and gasped in awe. The lights were out and candles were sitting lit on every surface, casting a warm glow on the space. "Darling?" Stede called out.

Who should be darling?
Ed came out wearing one of Stede's saucier robes holding two wine glasses. "What's all this for, Dear?" Stede was running through all the possible occasions in his head. It wasn't one of their birthdays. Not their anniversary. Neither of the days they met.
Ed counted the earlier day when he met a passed out Stede. And Stede counted the latter because of his waking up to Ed's beautiful face. "Do I need a reason?" Ed asked as he handed Stede one of the glasses.
Stede thought a moment. "No, of course not, but this is quite a surprise...Feels like an occasion." Stede took a sip of the offered drink. Champagne, but not one of the bottles from Stede's stash. Ed took a drink too, then set his glass down.
"Let's get you comfy, huh?" He said, ignoring Stede's questioning expression for now. He unbuttoned Stede's coat and slid it off his shoulders. The he untied Stede's tie and popped open the first couple of buttons of his shirt. Ed couldn't help nosing at Stede's now bare neck.
"Shoes, Dear." Stede hurried to comply, toeing off his wingtips vigorously and nearly throwing them behind him. Ed turned and started towards their bedroom. Stede watched as Ed dropped the robe in his wake.
He hadn't expected the leather straps framing his ass nor the delicate chains that glinted in the candle light. Stede's mouth was watering and he was held in place, spellbound by Ed's beauty. Ed disappeared into their room. "Come along." Ed's voice called out to him.
Stede shook out of his stupor and practically ran to follow after his partner. Ed had layed put on their bed, showing off the front of his ensemble. Stede wanted to lick every inch of skin on display. He stalked to the bed and Ed pulled him in for a blistering kiss.
"So you like it?" Ed teasingly asked. Stede nodded. "Very much." Ed pulled him in for another kiss. "Good." Ed grinned cheerily. Stede reached out to touch, but Ed stopped him. "Be a dear and go put out all those candles, then you can come back and touch all you want."
"The cruelty!" Stede cried. "Better safe than sorry. Go on, I'm not going anywhere." Stede hurried out to do as he'd been told. He loved him. He loved this silly, beautiful, sexy man. Stede was going to have to do some shopping of his own, soon. --End--
Mentally Devastated

Mentally Devastated

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