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Nov 24
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The Best Thanksgiving Movies, from ‘Planes, Trains, and Automobiles’ to ‘Addams Family Values’ to ‘Krisha’

Sure, these heroes aren’t turkeys. And no, this movie doesn’t even mention Thanksgiving. But there’s just no fowl adventure as fine as “Chicken Run”: a genuinely funny escape plan you can watch with your entire family.
"Pieces of April" is a snarky Sundance flick starring Katie Holmes as a young woman who spontaneously invites her estranged family to Thanksgiving dinner. Patricia Clarkson also appears in a role that earned her an Oscar nod for Best Supporting Actress.
Although it isn’t explicitly Thanksgiving related, “Fantastic Mr. Fox” is lush with autumnal and culinary imagery. The dry wit of Wes Anderson might fly over the heads of some kids, but for a slightly older set the beloved stop motion is a must-see.
1993's "Addams Family Values" features an unforgettable summer camp reenactment of the first Thanksgiving with Wednesday and Pugsley. Back at the Addams' residence, new baby Pubert and the villainous Debbie Jelinsky put a strain on family ties.
"Planes, Trains, and Automobiles" is a 1987 John Hughes buddy comedy starring Steve Martin and John Candy. Fighting his way from New York to Chicago for Thanksgiving, an increasingly irritated business exec must team-up with a shower curtain ring salesman.
More of The 15 Best Thanksgiving Movies, including "Krisha," "The Nightmare Before Christmas," "Hannah and Her Sisters," and "Home for the Holidays":


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