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Nov 24
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Some photos from my 11/23/22 visit to Starbase, TX. Lots of work under, on and around the Orbital Launch Mount. A new tent set up near the OLM and protective cladding being added to the tower. 11/23/22

Day number 229 at Starbase, TX. Please consider joining my Patreon and/or YouTube memberships for access to a massive downloadable collection of Starbase photos shot with one of the world's finest professional cameras, access to the Starship Gazer private discord server and to help support my work and keep me going. Thanks so much! Go SpaceX!!
Tower cladding, work under Booster 7 and some very interesting work being done on Starship 24 sitting on sub orbital test pad B.
Future Starship nose cones, lots of domes and equipment in the production yard, Starship 25 in the high bay and lots of barrel sections under construction in the Starfactory.
Starship 24 on sub orbital pad B with a huge amount of scaffolding being constructed around it.
And a close encounter with a Starbase coyote. Happy Thanksgiving! Go SpaceX!! Go Starship!!
Thank you Patreon and YouTube member supporters for making this possible!! Cheers!
Starship Gazer

Starship Gazer

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