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Colours of Bharat

Colours of Bharat

Nov 24
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10 of the most beautiful roads in the world 1. Leh-Manali Highway - India

2. The Atlantic Road - Norway
3. Amalfi Coast Drive - Italy (UNESCO World Heritage Site)
4. Tirunelveli - Kanyakumari Highway - India
5. Tianmen Mountain Road - China
6. Blue Ridge Parkway - United States of America
7. Chapman’s Peak Drive - South Africa
8. Great Ocean Road - Australia
9. Hana Highway - Hawaii
10. Maravanthe Beach Road - India
Credit for these wonderful pictures to the original photographers.
Colours of Bharat

Colours of Bharat

An attempt to highlight the beautiful locales, cultural heritage, & diversity of Bharat & it`s historical & cultural inter-linkages with the world
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