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Nov 24
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#AMuS Daniel Ricciardo is the third driver to sign with Red Bull. This further shows the way for Mick Schumacher. Mercedes would like to add the 23-year-old to the racing family. Toto Wolff also comments on a flippant statement about Haas team boss Guenther Steiner.

This return had become apparent in recent weeks. On Wednesday (November 23) she made Red Bull official. Daniel Ricciardo has signed a contract as the third driver with the world champion team. The eight-time GP winner returns to his old place of work. #AMuS
Ricciardo was a regular driver at Red Bull from 2014 up to and including 2018 before he was first drawn to Renault and then to McLaren. After two unsuccessful seasons at the Woking racing team, the Australian will be on the second row in 2023. #AMuS
He will assist Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez at Red Bull. Red Bull uses him as a test and simulator driver - and also uses the beaming man from Perth for marketing activities and advertising partners. #AMuS
Ricciardo was also a candidate on Mercedes' list. Mick Schumacher is now finally in pole position there. Mercedes would like to retain the 23-year-old German as a replacement driver. "There are initial talks," Toto Wolff said. #AMuS
Schumacher's management made frequent appearances at the Mercedes team hospitality at the last two races of the season in Brazil and Abu Dhabi. #AMuS
Wolff praises the former Haas driver in high tones. "He's intelligent, trainable, a team player, has a high level of integrity and is also likeable as a brand ambassador. And he's a capable racer." #AMuS
At Mercedes, Schumacher would be part of a top team, could accumulate knowledge there, learn from record winners Hamilton and Russell, and would not only be a substitute driver in the factory team, but would also step in in the event of failures at McLaren or Williams.
In his career to date, Schumacher has collected twelve World Championship points in 43 Grand Prix starts. In his first season at Haas, he was the slowest car by far. The youngster did not develop as hoped in the past year. #AMuS
Too many accidents and constant ups and downs: Haas didn't see him as the reliable point guarantor that the team needed. That's why the US racing team has bought in Nico Hülkenberg, an experienced driver. #AMuS
Wolff sees it pragmatically: "Maybe the break will do Mick good. He can press the reset button and the pressure is taken off his shoulders. He has shown in the junior classes that he has the talent, in a good way to drive in the front of the car." #AMuS
As a reminder, Schumacher won the Formula 3 championship in 2018 and the Formula 2 championship in 2020. It is understandable that Haas made the decision to part ways with Schumacher. Formula 1 is a tough performance society. #AMuS
Schumacher's development did not meet the team's expectations. And if it doesn't fit, you grow apart at some point. Mercedes wants to catch him - and feed him. In a quieter environment - away from the limelight, where the regular drivers stand every other Sunday. #AMuS
One thing is important to team boss Wolff. After the Abu Dhabi GP, the Austrian made a few flippant comments towards Guenther Steiner. The Haas team principal comes from the mountains, the air is thinner there and one can no longer think so well. #AMuS
This was seen by some as a direct attack. In fact, the comment was meant to be ironic and friendly. And of course every team boss is self-sufficient in his driver decisions. #AMuS
"I respect Guenther as a person because he is authentic," Wolff clarifies. "Guenther says what he thinks: He's a very direct person. I appreciate that. Every team boss has his own style." #AMuS
" Leading a team in this way, sometimes with an iron hand, can be very successful. A Sergio Marchionne, for example had set an example as a company boss." STORY IN GERMAN HERE…
Junaid #JB17

Junaid #JB17

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