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19 habits that will keep you BROKE forever:

1. You spend more than you earn.
2. Your wealth building strategy is based on winning the lottery.
3. You try to keep up with the Joneses.
4. You avoid learning about financial fundamentals.
5. You spend more than 40% of your paycheck on new car payments.
6. You focus on short-term satisfaction as opposed to long-term gains.
7. You care more about your looks than your bank account.
8. You get a loan for everything: Cars, vacations, clothes, etc.
9. You carry credit card debt and don’t pay it off.
10. You think the perfect time to save and invest is “soon.”
11. You don’t believe in the saying “a small leak will sink a big ship.”
12. You look for “get rich quick” schemes.
13. You use money to buy depreciating assets.
14. You don’t invest in yourself.
15. You only live on 1 income stream.
16. You’re too lazy to build a side hustle.
17. You don’t care about your health.
18. You don’t take any responsibility for your actions.
19. You let your emotions control your spending and trading decisions.
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