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Nov 24
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Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, love reading - Things are picking up the pace in your love life! You’ve spent time working through triggers, and you may have had to work your way through options to find what you’re looking for. Well now it seems you might have found that!

If you haven’t found it yet, trust that you will before long. There is a ‘levelling up’ of sorts happening in your love life. If you are already in a connection, you can expect to see things taken to a higher level of commitment. If you’re single, you’re meeting someone who is
More serious and has long term potential and who is willing to meet your needs! I see a lot of passion here. The chariot, 8 of wands and knight of wands ?!!! There is tons of desire and attraction here. A very intense connection, but also grounded & stable w the king of pentacles
If you have felt like things have been moving slowly or like someone has been holding back, I’d expect to see this change! Or if it’s you that has felt like you’ve been holding back, you’re becoming more open and following your desires more, which is great!
Someone is rushing towards you with an offer. This does seem stable and genuine. This will feel like a wish come true for you, maybe this is something you’ve been hoping for for a long time. You may need to surrender your somewhat logical approach though
You can tend to analyse your love life to a fault and sabotage yourself. It’s important you don’t do this here, I’m not saying this to fear monger or anything, but just so that you allow yourself to fully feel the happiness and joy of this connection!!
Let heaviness and disappointments from the past go. Clinging to them just stops you experiencing a new beginning. If this is a new beginning with someone from the past, it’s important you clear the air and let the past be forgiven if you want to move forward.
You cannot cling to resentment and anger and expect to have a loving, healthy connection. Talk and express your boundaries and needs but do it from a place of love not anger. If this is someone new, do not project your past relationships onto this person! They’re not your ex.
It’s important to gradually let this person know your triggers and boundaries but also don’t take it so seriously especially at the start. Let yourself have fun and enjoy getting to know someone without fearing the worst! You can trust here. You can trust your own judgement.
There are beautiful things coming for you fire signs, things you’ve been hoping and waiting for and you will see this come in. Be open to receiving and know you deserve this! 💗🫶🏼✨
Other relevant things - Storm clouds, gardening, sunbathing, group sports, white hair / beard, white or red dress, flower crown, forest, hiking, Venus, red / orange arm chair, white horse, mountains, archangel michael, snakes, ivy, sunflowers, children / pregnancy, infinity.
For the extended version, join my patreon - the wheel of fortune tier 🧘🏼‍♀️💓 Here I will go deeper into what’s to come, who this person is, their traits / characteristics and any further messages ✨
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ava 🌞

ava 🌞

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