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Nov 24
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A thread of short introductions to each artist Namjoon is collaborating with for Indigo, for those who want to learn a little more about them before the drop.

RM ‘Indigo’ Tracklist The list contains audio waveforms: visual representations of how the track sounds.
01. Yun (with Erykah Badu) Prod. Logikal J, GHSTLOOP Erykah Badu is an iconic American singer-songwriter. Known as the Queen of Neo-Soul, she helped popularize the genre. She has 4 Grammy wins and 19 nominations. You may recognize GHSTLOOP’s name from other BH work.
02. Sill Life (with Anderson .Paak) Most of you should already know him—Anderson Paak is a soloist, also half of Silk Sonic, also a drummer (who performed w/ BTS for their Proof performance on YT). He has 8 Grammys. 😌 All the producers on this also have a lot of accolades.
03. All Day (with Tablo) Prod. Pdogg Tablo!! From Epik High!!!! One of Namjoon’s idols turned friends turned collaborator!!!! A genuine poet with a smooth rapping/singing voice that would complement Namjoon’s beautifully!!!!! Can u tell I’m excited!!!!!!!!!!
04. 건망증 (with 김사월) Prod. john eun Kim Sawol is a folk singer, she was recently on Epik High’s song “Leica” and has earned awards for her own folk albums. John Eun is a singer, friend of Joon’s, worked on “Bicycle,” and Joon provided backing vocals for his song “Hope.”
05. Closer (with Paul Blanco, Mahalia) Prod. HONNE Paul Blanco is a Korean-Canadian R&B/Hip-Hop/Soul artist. Mahalia is a British-Jamaican artist of the same genres. Both popular in their genres. HONNE produced “Seoul” and had NJ on “Crying Over You.”
06. Change pt. 2 Prod. eAeon Namjoon and eAeon are good friends and frequent collaborators. He was part of (the very tear-inducing song) “badbye” on mono & Namjoon was on his very beautiful song “Don’t.” Based on past collabs, this one is sure to be a moving one.
07. Lonely Prod. Pdogg. Pdogg.
08. Hectic (with Colde) prod. Pdogg Colde is a Korean R&B and hip-hop artist, also part of the duo offonoff. Namjoon talked about a song he worked on w/ Colde on a live once, it was never actually released, so this collab is a long time coming!
09. 들꽃놀이 (with 조유진) Prod. DOCSKIM The lead single, “Wild Flower”! It’s about RM’s desire to live like humble, tranquil wildflowers rather than a flame that quickly blows out. Yoojeen is the vocalist of rock band Cherry Filter, which blends ballad with punk in their sound.
10. No.2 (with 박지윤) Prod. john eun Park Jiyoon is a very very popular singer in South Korea. A song you might recognize from her is Coming of age Ceremony. She has been active since the late 90s, and the genres she works with span pop, r&b, indie, and hip hop.
And that is all! Thanks for reading! Hope you learnt something! If you have a song you like from one of these collaborators drop it below! I am claiming track two All Day with Tablo Prod. Pdogg!! 🤍🪐
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