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Ok so the non terminally-spreadsheet-brained version of this is -HIIT -fuckton of fiber + fix your gut -diverse protein -hydration -cold plunges -sunlight -NMN + NAC cycling

Bryan Johnson sold his company to PayPal for $800 million in 2013. Since then, he's been investing millions to reduce aging. In 2021, he reduced his epigenetic age by 5.1 years in 7 months (World Record) Here’s a breakdown of his “Blueprint” and my own experience with it: 🧵
I stopped taking turmeric after the fourth heavy-metal contamination scandal, hope homeboy is getting his tested
Oh and - reduce your number of insulin spikes
Hahaha he's taking lycopene pills when all he needs is to get chili-pilled, .99c dummy!
Last health poast: single biggest predictor of aging & decline is muscle & bone density levels entering your 40s. Eat what you want, just lift!
Wait ok LAST health poast:
Famed, beloved French chef dies in his 90s. His father, equally renowned & in his 100s, laments "the poor boy, lost too soon -- he never used enough garlic!"
I love this vignette because it completely flies in the face of the ascetic trend. I somehow came across it in a dictionary of idioms I read cover to cover as a kid lol
- lost about 12 pounds - flipped fat storage back to surface vs organ (covid broke my metabolism) - migraines vanished
Gift of Trees of Draught of Barrel
Low intervention fine cider maker/silvopasture orchardist/wild apples/regenerative ag/dry farming/long term thinking 'be an apple boi amongst scythe bros'
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