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Nov 24
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Juri Vips’ 2022 F2 season of everything went perfectly This is gonna be where I think he’d have finished in each race if everything went perfectly for him in including reliability, shit pitstops and of course for Juri, driver errors I’m trying to be conservative with estimates

Bahrain SR - P7 FR - P1 Nothing happened in the sprint but his pace in the feature race was insane, a 25 second pitstop cost him the win for sure Saudi Arabia SR - P2 FR - P4 Sprint went as it should, feature race he stalled in the pits. Wasn’t as quick as DRU VER LAW
Imola SR - P7 FR - P1 Car cut out on him on lap 1 of the sprint as he was going in behind Drugo so P7 is fair, feature race he bottled, should have won Spain SR - P4 FR - P3 Was about to pass Jehan when he bottled again. Brake issues in feature race mean he was last
Monaco SR - P5 FR - P3 Literally nothing went wrong here Baku SR - P8 FR - P1 Sprint he kinda sucked a little so didn’t matter he got hit off by Enzo, feature he bottled from the race lead with like 3 laps to go easy win lost
Britain SR - P12 FR - P6 Hitech just sucked ass and he munched his tyres in the sprint, nothing changes Austria SR - P5 FR - P2 Sprint went perfect, tyre gamble fucked him in the feature race, didn’t have Sargeant’s pace anyway so P2
France SR - P11 FR - P6 Sprint was his own fault, a shit pitstop cost him in the feature, pace wasn’t special anyway but was probably faster than Lawson Hungary SR - P2 FR - P5 Nothing went wrong here at all very clean weakened which are rare this year
Belgium SR - P5 FR - P4 Really really hard to say as he bottled in qualifying and started last in both races but feature race definitely P4 considering the speed he had, sprint was a fair estimate imo Netherlands SR - P5 FR - P7 Gotta account for DOO and LAW bad luck
Italy SR - P1 FR - P2 Sprint was perfect for him, feature race I think Doohan would have been just too strong but he was next quickest Abu Dhabi SR - P12 FR - P8 Yellows in qualifying didn’t help him but Hitech and Juri were just a bit slow here
Overall Summary 1st x4 2nd x4 3rd x 2 257 Points (without fastest lap points) 4 wins, 2 poles and 10 podiums in 28 races I know you could probably make a similar thread on the seasons of Lawson Doohan or Sargeant with everyone’s bad luck but I thought it was interesting
Without a doubt he’d starting down the barrel of the Alpha Tauri Seat alongside Tsunoda for 2023
Dan Castell

Dan Castell

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