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The 5 key pillars of optimal male health Men if you want to get in the best shape of your life. Make sure you get these 5 things right šŸ‘‡

So what does optimal male health look like? Lean Happy Muscular Energetic Confident High libido Strong lungs Strong heart Highly focused Strong erections High testosterone Robust immune system Getting the šŸ‘‡šŸ¾ pillars dialled in is how you achieve this
1. Nutrition It should be no secret 80% of testosterone production, fat loss & muscle mass gains are down to what you put in your mouth. As the old saying goes "You can't out train a bad diet." If you aren't optimizing your diet. T, fat loss, gut & muscle health suffer!
2. Strength Training Muscle mass is the secret to longevity. With higher amounts of muscle mass you benefit from: Better moods Better posture Lower body fat Reduced injury risk Higher muscle mass Increased testosterone Stronger immune response Reduced chronic disease risk
3. Cardiovascular Training Now cardio isn't great for fat loss Do you know what it is great for? -Lung capacity -Endurance levels -Breathing efficiency -Blood vessel elasticity I suggest you make your cardio fun. Walking, swimming, cycling, canoeing, playing sports etc.
4. Rest & Recovery So many people underestimate how key rest is. This means quality sleep, resting when you are in the gym & when you are out of the gym. High testosterone, fat loss & muscle mass gains, all need you to have a well rested body. Poor rest leads to poor results
5. Your reason "why" & accountability Your reason why gets you started & accountability will bring you lasting results. Without accountability, chances of you "getting off track" are far higher. Having a coach or someone to keep you on track & remind you of your why is key.
The 5 key pillars of optimal male health. - Nutrition - Rest & Recovery - Strength Training - "Why" & accountability - Cardiovascular Training Having these five pillars dialled in is key for your optimal fitness.
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