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If updating your resume is the first step you take to land a 6 figure job… You’re working HARDER not smarter in your job search. Here’s why:

Your resume should be highlighting your top skills (both hard and soft) that show you can effectively do the job. If you’re rushing to revamp your resume without discovering your HIGH PAYING, TRANSFERABLE SKILLS… You’re not setting your job search up for success.
As a result, you’re wasting time, energy and money on resume revamps that don’t yield results 🚫 Automatic rejections 🚫 No interviews in sight 🚫 Frustration despite your effort The problem isn’t your skills or education… it’s your STRATEGY.
Need help discovering your 6 figure skills? I got you. Tomorrow I’m launching a new masterclass to help you identify your transferable skills and jumpstart your job search the RIGHT way. Join the waitlist now to lock in the Black Friday discount 👉🏾
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