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Daily Invertebrates 🐌

Daily Invertebrates 🐌

Nov 24
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The invertebrate of the day is... Craterolophus convolvulus, or the Goblet Stalked Jellyfish! ✨

This jellyfish, along with its close cousin, C. macrocystis, are identified by their lack of primary tentacles and longitudinal muscles running up the peduncle.
Like all stalked jellyfish, instead of their planula larvae attaching to a stationary surface, developing into polyps, and releasing small medusae which then grow, the top of the polyps grow into the jellyfish, while the bottoms stay the same (hence, stalked jellyfish).
In 1853, the C. convolvulus first described as Lucernaria convolvulus by George Johnston. Back then, this was common for all stalked jellyfish, before they were split into more separate genera.
(Image credits to David Fenwick)
Daily Invertebrates 🐌
Daily positivity account for anything without a spine! 🐜🐝🐙🦂
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