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Nov 24
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1) On 21 November, CNN's Sam Kiley created a primitive, poorly constructed report entitled "Video Shows Ukrainian Forces Entering Russian Command Center", without rigorous (or any?) corroboration of claims. Let's explore some problems with it.

2) Former minor UK Conservative Party politician Harry Rowe, going by "Macer Gifford", did not serve in his own nation's forces and has no reckonable military training, serving as an untrained YPG combatant in Syria. He is interviewed by Sam Kiley.
3) Rowe claims at :24 that "we got so close to the Russians that we could hear them talk... and chopping the wood to build their shelters". Why would VDV troops be constructing semi-permanent shelters like the ZSU? More importantly... (cont)
4) It is left unexplained how a man with no military training could deftly conduct such a close target recce, but perhaps his accent tempts people to believe he's UK mil-credentialed by osmosis. Much like claims of Magnitsky's lawyer status, Rowe's bona fides are just assumed.
5) Multi-platform TI sights, patrols, UAVs & aviation were apparently also dodged by Rowe in the night, in conditions and facing an opponent unlike anything like whatever he truthfully did in Syria as an untrained combatant.
6) At around :30, a destroyed, likely ZSU MTLB is shown, purported to be Russian. It appears hit by artillery or aviation, the fate of large amounts of ZSU vehicles in the Kherson thrusts. If so, it wouldn't be the first rebranded vehicle kill.
7) From around :40, Sam gives the impression that footage airing as he narrates is a raided Russian position. Instead, this is a ZSU trenchline, with no specific RF construction details, rations or signs anywhere. It's likely their own trench, where they may have been for months.
8) ZSU troops and foreign illegal combatants are frequently wearing cameras on their helmet NVG rails, as seen here. As CNN itself says, it was footage "obtained by CNN", not taken by it (also seen here, top right).
9) From 1:00, Kiley dramatically describes "the obliteration of a Russian command center" - and yet no destroyed/damaged signals equipment, vehicles or signs of a battalion/formation HQ are there. It's a destroyed civilian village with no sign of anything military.
10) At 1:07, Kiley claims Ukr troops captured "a paratrooper, abandoned by his colleagues in retreat". Interesting that the face of this man in random rags is blurred - likely a lesson from previous fakes where "captured Russians" were recognized.
11) The implied perfidy and troop abandonment are also interesting projection. More interesting is the expensive, large tactical "operator" watch that certain non-SF NHU/SBU elements love to wear, aping Anglosphere GWOT SF fashion.
12) At 1:59, Sam claims there are "Stinger anti-aircraft missiles", and he's only 50% wrong this time. One (right side) is a FIM-92 Stinger, while the other is a Soviet Strela-family or Polish Grom MANPAD (note cooling unit "chin").
13) At 2:07, as ZSU troops flee for cover from aviation, an RF 24Hr ration pack is seen. This is the first sign of anything Russian on the ground, but it may be empty. It may also be a prop - these could be bought online for some time.
14) From 2:12, Kiley, despite being a Kenyan-born, Oxford-educated Brit who briefly served in the British Army, uses American military terminology to weave together generic sweeping statements about "recon" to "force the Russians to run".
15) Footage aired during his sweeping conclusions (with no specifics of locations/capabilities/formations) is ambiguous at best. What is implied (but not stated) to be an RF position appears to be ZSU. Video is blurry, but it looks like Ukr MM14 camo, lighter than RF pine EMR.
16) This slipshod and poorly corroborated video is concluded with Damien Rodriguez, a NY civilian who who joined YPG as a combatant in 2015 and later served in ZSU 36th Marine Bde with Aslin & others. Rodriguez may also have been in Praviy Sektor.
17) American Pro-Ukraine lobbyist/journalist Christopher Miller mentioned Damien Rodriguez and his associations in a 2021 article, when Anglosphere media still semi-acknowledged Neo-Nazism in Ukraine:
Pavel Fredomhauer

Pavel Fredomhauer

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