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✨SURPRISE✨ You can now get my art on prints but also on tees, STICKERS, mugs and other awesome goodies!!! 🥰 🍓PRINTS :… 🍓Tees, STICKERS, mugs, etc:

Both websites have sales ongoing! 30% off of all my INPRNT shop and Teepublic is having their regular sales!💜
Thank you all so much for your patience and support 🥹🤍 I knew the stickers were eagerly awaited so I did my best to edit my art. It took so long but I'm glad I could make it available before the end of the year like I promised!! 🥹🤍💐
Oh and if you'd like to support me but you're not interested in merch, I am also on ko-fi 💗
⚜ Lys 🦋 waitlist still open!
DO NOT repost or use my art without permission. | Part-time Freelance Illustrator 📧 | (& Art Therapist) | 🟡COMMISSIONS OPEN !🌷
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