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AU where each member of the royal family is assigned a flower when they come of age. Wilbur is assigned a wisteria, Techno is assigned a blue orchid, and Tommy is assigned a sunflower. When Tommy's flower was announced, everyone agreed that it made complete sense for him.

At first Tommy didn't like it, but his two older brothers convinced him that it was a good flower. It took Tommy a while, but eventually he accepted it and started to experiment with it, growing sunflowers out of the windows and door and down the sides of the castle.
Some people found it annoying, because once Tommy realized that he could grow literal sunflowers out of his hands, he didn't stop. But Wilbur never discouraged him or told him to stop. If he was annoyed by the sunflowers wrapped around his bed frame, then he didn't say anything.
They didn't ever die, either. Most sunflowers died after a couple weeks, but these lasted until Tommy didn't want them to last anymore. Soon their whole castle radiated yellow, practicing glowing with magical sunshine. The only thing brighter than the flowers was Tommy's smile.
Until that smile no longer existed. "It was impossible to tell," the doctors told his family. "A silent disease. We had no idea." Wilbur didn't care about the disease or how it worked. All he knew now was that Tommy had died.
The castle still glowed, but it was a haunting glow, like a light shining from beyond what they could see. Wilbur holed himself up in his room, looking at the sunflowers around him all day, wishing that he could have his little brother back.
It didn't fully hit him until the sunflowers began to die. They tried to save them, the gardeners putting them in water, treating them with anything to try and keep them alive. But without their creator's magic, one by one they all wilted and died.
Years went by, and the castle was never as bright as it was before. Sunflowers were no longer a symbol of happiness, but one of grief. Wilbur tried to forget, but eventually he realized that he would never be able to move on.
Techno and Phil didn't take it as hard as he did, but it was difficult for everyone. The kingdom would never be the same without Tommy. One day, late in the summer, nearly autumn, Wilbur took a walk down by the river to clear his head.
He used to take Tommy to the river, the two of them playing in the water together. There were flowers all around the water, colors in pink, purple, and greens. It was late in the season, and they wouldn't last, so Wilbur didn't feel bad about trampling them down with his boots.
He sat down in a bed of peace lilies, wishing he could drown himself in his thoughts. He stayed there all afternoon, and when the sun finally began to go down, he got up and prepared to head back.
As Wilbur glanced back one more time, he spotted a flash of yellow by the riverside. Frowning, he wandered over to it. He gasped softly as he saw what it was. Crouching down with tears in his eyes, he reached towards the sunflower, lightly running his fingers over it.
He hadn't seen one since they all died that fateful year. He wanted to pluck it up and bring it back home with him, but he settled for picking off a petal and placing it in his pocket. Then he stood up and walked home.
Years later, Wilbur would still occasionally open his dictionary, looking at the single petal that he'd pressed between the pages. And he smiled, remembering where it had come from.
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