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I actually don't think Musk will have a problem staffing up with devs who are aligned with his vision. Tons of recent layoffs in tech, w/ more coming, & recession fears really kicking in. He's in a buyer's market for talent right now, & it's likely to get even better.

Alex Heath

Alex Heath

These are employees who survived the 50% layoffs and opted into Musk’s “extremely hardcore” Twitter 2.0 reset, which saw about 1k employees resign. Musk told employees this week that he wants to hire more people “who are great at writing software”…
I personally might be worried about being fired back into a recession, because I'm very good & competent but not great/10X. However, I can name a number of great coders who, if THEY were fired, would mean Musk's project is doomed anyway.…
"I will fire you back into the worst tech market in a generation on a whim" is not anything I'd recommend in a down market.
Musk isn't looking for coders like me who are competent at craft & process, & who can always make it work, especially as part of a good team. He's looking for that guy who everyone is like, "wait... you did this /in a weekend/?!" He wants 100 of latter, not 1K of the former.
Well, there are different kinds of them. She/they demi-catgirl Rust wizard is not gonna work at Twitter, but the based will be another matter. It'll come down to ideology, chance to work w/ Musk, & comp.…
They're very in demand. Why would they want to work at Twitter?
I could always be wrong, of course. Could be that very few great programmers actually want to run into the burning building & save the blue bird. Or, the offers could suck.
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