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Nov 25
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Hey! Tonight our Black Friday sale goes live at Vinegar Syndrome! I’ve been doing a recommendation thread for years now and this is no different! Here are some titles I wanted to spotlight titles for various reasons and this list will be updated until the sale ends!

THE SEVERED ARM One of my favorite titles of all-time and a title I feel that doesn’t sell all that well. It’s way ahead of it’s time and did things that a lot of slashers copied years later. Incredible little film.
HOT AND SAUCY PIZZA GIRLS My favorite hardcore film ever. It’s cute, funny, sexy, and had quite the cast as well.
As always… THE TELEPHONE BOOK I’ve talked this one up to death. If you haven’t seen it yet - fix that asap.
THROUGH THE FIRE aka THE GATES OF HELL II Of course it has nothing to do with Fulci but this has been another personal favorite of mine for many years. One day it would be killer to remake it. Very honored to do a commentary on this disc as well.
PLEDGE NIGHT ANIMAL HOUSE meets a slasher flick with Anthrax doing some tunes for it. Another personal favorite.
HOUSE OF THE DEAD A movie I’ve been obsessed with since I was a little kid. Just a little gnarly horror anthology.
FLESHEATER From Romero alumni comes Hinzman’s nasty little zombie flick. Incredibly proud of the extras that I was able to put together and a great commentary between the DP, composer, producer, and myself. Love this release.
RIGHTING WRONGS Another release I’m incredibly proud of our team working on and getting back out to the world. I also got to do the commentary with Cynthia on this which was a dream come true.
THE FEAR This is one title I worked on getting under the VS label and was stoked when it happened. This is a love or hate movie and love to hear discussions around it. Put together a great set of extras/interviews and got to do two commentaries!
THE BIRDS 2: LAND’S END When we announced THE BIRDS 2 I knew it would get some dirty looks but I’m glad people be it another chance or a chance it all…it’s actually a pretty fun flick. Crazy stories behind this production but love we got it back out to everyone.
HOMEGROWN HORROR VOL 2. MOONSTALKER, DEAD GIRLS, and HANGING HEART This set is so much fun with quite the oddball group of films. Each one very different from the other but all incredibly entertaining. The amount of extras on these are insane and very proud of everything we did!
SIX-STRING SAMURAI Quite the journey to obtain this one but very glad it happened. Another favorite of mine growing up and a huge inspiration as a filmmaker. Also the extras on this release are fantastic and such a wonderful group of people. Real delight to work on.
THE BEASTMASTER Just incredibly proud of this release and everything we did. Just outstanding. Plus working with Don was a dream.
VOYAGE OF THE ROCK ALIENS Another personal favorite and a ride to get this acquired but glad it all worked out and very happy with this release! Odd but charming!
THE CALLER Seems a lot of people sleep on this one but probably the most consistent of positive reviews and thoughts of any movie we’ve released. It’s a banger.
CHRISTMAS EVIL My favorite Xmas movie but just a wonderful film all around. If you haven’t seen this yet - you’re truly missing out. Plus this has a John Waters commentary on it!
RED SURF Another personal favorite of mine and understand it’s not for everyone but was stoked to get this for VS along with doing a commentary with the producer of the film! Gene Simmons, George Clooney, and DeDee Pfeiffer!
MIAMI CONNECTION A movie that doesn’t need much of an introduction. This was great doing the extras for this around town and getting to know the cast and crew. Had such a great time working on this release.
ALIEN PRIVATE EYE Loved this one since I was a teen and was on the top of my get list. Was super excited to bring this back out to the world along with a gorgeous transfer of one of the murkiest looking tapes out there. Loved doing extras for this and to do a commentary with Vik
HARD ROCK ZOMBIES I don’t think this is a good movie but it’s stupid fun and always found it oddly charming. That said, this movie has over 2 hours of extras and I guarantee you will like those more than the movie itself!
INVISIBLE MANIAC Still nuts that I got to work with one of my favorite directors of all-time with this release. What a joy. Also, this movie is unique and weird. Love it.
REFORM SCHOOL GIRLS I was stoked to do this take on this WIP with one hell of a cast. Loved doing the extras for this and think it’s some of our best work.
Brad Henderson

Brad Henderson

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