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🎉#BREAKING: @Youth Verdict and @Bimblebox NR/The Bimblebox Alliance (TBA) just won their historic legal challenge to Clive Palmer's proposed Galilee Coal Project on environmental, climate and human rights grounds!

Almost three years ago, our clients launched their groundbreaking case against a dangerous, climate-polluting coal mine proposal. It's the first time a coal mine has been challenged on human rights grounds in Australia.
Today, President Fleur Kingham of the Queensland Land Court recommended that Waratah Coal’s application for the project should be rejected by the resources and environment ministers.
This landmark win will have far-reaching impacts for climate and nature. Crucially, it will set a new standard for how First Nations communities can object to fossil fuel proposals that threaten their cultures and ways of life.
“We are overjoyed.” “The voices of First Nations Queenslanders have been heard. A court has recognised the human and cultural rights of First Nations peoples are impacted by climate change and has recommended that this mine not be approved.” - Murruwah Johnson @Youth Verdict
“This is a landmark win for nature.” “Today is a huge sigh of relief for us after the 15 years' nightmare of fighting this project. Hopefully we can now go back, with the help of our volunteers, to fully concentrate on looking after Bimblebox.” - Paola Cassoni @Bimblebox NR/The Bimblebox Alliance (TBA)
“The final decision on whether or not to grant Waratah’s mining lease and environmental approval falls to the Queensland Government.” “We urge the relevant ministers to act swiftly and in accordance with the court’s findings.” - @Environmental Defenders Office Managing Lawyer @Sean Ryan
We are the largest environmental legal centre in the Australia-Pacific, dedicated to creating a world where nature thrives.
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