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Nov 25
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Why exactly do we accept this type of behavior? A 🧵... @MaryKate Johnson is a Vice President at @Zions Bank and having recently entered the political arena with a loss ( She still tried, unlike most of us ), but is now demonstrating an uncomfortable truth. 1/9

.. The Mayor of Boise stated she was demanding compliance with an investigation after a recently retired Captain was discovered to be an outright, klan level racist. Her statement was comply or resign. Now, here we have Ms Johnson selling a lie.
@Mayor McLean never said Boise's entire police force was racist. I see several commentors doing it, but not the Mayor, nor anyone else from Boise leadership, but people only listen for statements to twist and weaponize, or worse...
... are just waiting their turn to speak. We should remember the old saying... " two ears, one mouth... " Continuing.. We have to assume something about people like Ms Johnson who do this. (1) We can assume they aren't smart enough to decipher what is being said...
... (2) We can assume they are being disingenious and weaponizing a serious situation for future political gain.. (3) and even worse still, we can assume they think everyone around them is either making the same calculation, or that we are all...
... dumb enough not to see the words in front of us, or that our ears don't hear what they hear. The Mayor didn't say the Dept. was racist. The Mayor isn't weaponizing a brazenly racist Police Captain to defund the police, but here we have the Vice President of @Zions Bank ....
... making this situation a demonstration of integrity, the wrong kind, or insulting the intelligence of the public around her. Because frankly, despite my condescending question to her about dishonest or intellect being her malfunction, I have a hard time believing..
... That a successful Idaho business has a moron in a position with enough authority to make real decisions that affect our entire community and their business interests in that community. I'm glad she lost her election, and hope that she finds a way to make better use of...
... important situations like this in the future if her apparent ambitions are to again see office. I could have been nicer. (shrug)
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