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Vancouver Police

Vancouver Police

Nov 25, 2022
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The man in this video is a high-risk and violent offender with a history of armed robberies, assaulting police, and drug trafficking. He is involved in the Downtown Eastside’s illicit drug trade and, based on his violent history, is considered armed and dangerous.



BREAKING: At approx. 2:15PM today in the #DTES, @Vancouver Police shot an unarmed man with his hands up. Constables fired multiple beanbag rounds at the man and sicced a canine on him once incapacitated. We have permission from the victim’s loved ones to publish video of the incident.
His first adult conviction for robbery came 10 years ago, when he was 19 years old in Toronto. Since that time, he’s been convicted of 17 criminal offences. His most recent conviction was in May, when he was sentenced to jail for assault causing bodily harm.
In March 2021, he assaulted a VPD officer who was attempting to arrest him for breaching his bail. In that incident, he tried to escape by running through the front doors of VANDU, locking a door behind him, then fleeing out the back.
Earlier today, our officers were patrolling in the Downtown Eastside when they saw him again, standing near the entrance to VANDU, on East Hastings Street. The officers were familiar with him and had been looking for him so they could arrest him for an unrelated crime.
When the officers began to approach, he got into a taxi, ordered the cabbie to drive, and allegedly threatened to kill him if he stopped. Our officers followed the taxi and forced it to a stop near Gore and Keefer Streets in Chinatown. Once stopped, the cab driver fled to safety.
The suspect initially remained inside the cab, before stepping out and confronting our officers. He chose not to comply with our lawful commands to lay down on the ground. Instead, he turned to face the officers and challenged them to shoot him.
When he turned away and motioned back toward the rear door of the taxi, an officer discharged a number of less lethal beanbag rounds. This was a lawful, measured, and appropriate use of force.
The beanbags had minimal impact on the suspect, who stands 6’3” and weighs about 300 pounds. He fell to the ground, but chose to continue resisting arrest and disobeying our directions.
A police dog was deployed to gain full control so the man could be handcuffed. Once in custody, the man threatened to kill a number of our officers.
The suspect has since been treated for injuries associated with the dog bites and remains in custody. He now faces multiple new charges.
Vancouver Police

Vancouver Police

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