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Till INTERVAL ... !! #AbhishekBanerjee comic timing 💯 #PaalinKabak great as comic newcomer #DeepakDobriyal just like pankaj tripathi. #VarunDhawan best till date. #KritiSanon soft entertaining role. full entertainment and the interval block transformation scene 🔥 #Bhediya

AFTER INTERVAL story twists and unfolds at every 10 mins Can't disclose anything. P.s. AFTER INT. kriti have a powerful role. #Bhediya
Before End Credits RAJKUMAR RAO and APARSHAKTI cameo to meet ABHISHEK BANERJEE giving the Hints of #STREE2. After end credits . Only in Thumkeshwari song , #ShraddhaKapoor appear(aur theatre wale tab tak aadhe me hi band kar dete hain , kyu end credits hi 16 mins ka h) #Bhediya
OVERALL. #Bhediya > #Stree > #Roohi Stree2 hints given at the end . Soon Stree 2 will join the universe. 🔥🔥
Shraddha . #JaldiAao2023
💜❤💛 *कलयुग* में *सतयुग* समान है *श्रद्धा* 💛❤💜
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