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Nov 25
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Here are Universities in Canada that do not require IELTS in 2022: 1. Queen’s University 2. Concordia University 3. McGill University 4. University of Ottawa 5. University of Toronto 6. University of Waterloo

8. Seneca College, Toronto 9. Memorial University of Newfoundland 10. University of British Columbia 11. Montreal University 12. University of Winnipeg 13. Okanagan University 14. Cambrian University 15. University of Saskatchewan 16. University of Regina
17. University of Alberta 18. Brock University 19. Carleton University 20. Simon Fraser University 21. University of Victoria
As always if you studied in Nigeria or an English speaking country you can submit a waiver if the school is asking for IELTS. Here’s a sample waiver letter:
Are you looking to apply for a school program outside Nigeria? Is IELTS one of the admission requirements? Have you already studied in Nigeria? Then you can submit an IELTS waiver/ exemption letter by requesting one from your school in Nigeria. Can be as simple as sample:
However, if unable to get a waiver from your school in Nigeria: 1. Check if your Nigerian institution is on - If it is, email the school directly and ask that they check your institution on WHED. - Also let them know your primary language is English.
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