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Nov 25
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why you should visit #Taiwan during the #TaiwanElection a thread - 1

candidates running around Taipei with cute balloons 🎈-2
you'll see an increasing number of candidates telling you they are "capable" (could also translate by "can do stuff" but it sounds bad in English). They respond to the common complain that politicians are lazy, that the bureaucracy is slowing done everything. - 3
"service done well, done fully"
"the voice of the people isn't weak, the bureaucracy doesn't dare to be lazy" (and in Chinese, it rhymes!)
yeah actually, candidates love rhymes, and also making puns with their name. Here, the name is Geng wei => find the wei. lmao you got it?
仁心 = kind hearted 欣 her name, also pronounced "xin". You got the idea. - 7
Next to this magic "Wu Pei-yi, wo pei ni", the sentence "刀下留人" which means "don't kill me" except here it's 票下留仁, sounds most the same, but 票 means "to vote" and 仁 is its name. yeah also, by the end of the elections candidates call often for help - 8
"save me" (like go to vote cause I'm not sure I'm gonna win)
another "plz save me" -10
"Hi foreign friend welcome" If you are paying attention, you might get some attention back. (謝謝@Justine Rochot)
🙋‍♀️哈囉~ -12
The campaign can get also pretty aggressive. Here in Tainan the young candidate of the Taiwan State building party: " You don't come to meetings and you still wanna be our mayor?"
For some, it seems that the elections are just an occasion to show off your happy family
Posing with your fist up, seems very trendy
but some innovate...
Not to mention, those who don't have the budget for a good picture....
Alice Hérait

Alice Hérait

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