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hm...wild train of thought... ...the blustery person, the person who "throws their weight around" to use an expression—i.e. someone like @Elon Musk who uses a bullying and aggressive manner to intimidate others...they want to *seem weightier* than they really are. ~Chara (1/?)

they want their words to land with greater apparent force—someone like @Elon Musk tends to think that even their crude inanities are words of eternal wisdom, for the simple reason that *they* said them. in essence, they pretend to speak with the power of millions. ~Chara (2/?)
I can credibly be said to have done the same; I try, in my own ways, to project more confidence than I feel. but it occurs to me that there's an easy way to feel weightier: *move faster*. acquire "relativistic mass" by moving at high speed. that may sound goofy. ~Chara (3/?)
but remember: a small but vital fraction of your own body is already moving at relativistic speed: the valence electrons of your own atoms, especially heavier ones. here's where I get highly speculative: I suggest *consciousness* relies on that dance of electrons. ~Chara (4/?)
electrons are the most mobile part of us. it's the motion of electrical charges around the body, whether quickly through neuron action or more slowly in other biochemical interactions (and diffusion), that sustains what we think of as biological life and sapience. ~Chara (5/?)
is it not possible, therefore, that certain human beings have *more relativistic electrons* than others—and that this higher proportion of speedier electrons gives these persons' consciousness a sense of greater weight—as well as a sense of *dilated time*? ~Chara (6/?)
these are both consequences of special relativity: a faster object acquires "relativistic mass" and experiences a slowed sense of subjective time. now...imagine that sense of greater weight and suspended time applied to the consciousness of, oh, Mr. @Elon Musk say. ~Chara (7/?)
or Dr. @Richard Dawkins—he's old and British, which means he's probably got a lot more *lead* in his body (and his brain) than other people do. the valence electrons of lead are exceptionally relativistic—to the point that lead exhibits anomalous chemical behavior. ~Chara (8/?)
or suppose Mr. @Elon Musk or whoever swallowed these: cesium chloride pills. yep, CsCl is sold as a "dietary supplement". on what basis I can't guess; at least the stuff isn't very toxic. cesium is an unusually heavy metal, i.e. one with very fast valence electrons. ~Chara (9/?)
the monovalent Cs ions would likely end up mimicking potassium in the body to some degree. what if, in doing so, they temporarily impart a slightly different sense of consciousness—one affected, ever so slightly, by the unusually speedy valence electrons of cesium? ~Chara (10/?)
there's other sources of unusually heavy elements in the human body—most of them are poisons, but the human body is remarkably tolerant of poisons. even mercury, in some of its chemical forms, isn't the worst thing to swallow (alkylmercuries, on the other hand...) ~Chara (11/?)
I suggest that these substances, heavier than usual elements in the body, might exert a subtle effect on human consciousness via this relativistic increase of mass and slowing of time...maybe a sense of inflated importance, as if the world ought to stop for you. ~Chara (12/?)
it seems significant to me that people like Mr. @Elon Musk often seem to act as though they're really busy and tireless workers, always living in a bustle, even when it's not clear they do much other than talk nonsense all day and soak up the parasocial admiration. ~Chara (13/?)
maybe there's some part of them—a fleeting, evanescent part, invisible electrons dancing from atom to atom—that really is moving faster than usual, giving them that sense of weight and expansiveness of time. (do you take CsCl, Mr. @Elon Musk?) ~Chara of Pnictogen (end)
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