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Trader Joe🔺 | New AMM 🌊📘

Trader Joe🔺 | New AMM 🌊📘

Nov 25
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Joe Spaces | EP2 | 📜 - Wrap Up 🧵 Check out the highlights below from the latest #JoeSpaces Thank to our guests: • @DeltaPrime🔺 🚀Launch: December🚀@Galxe@THORSwap ⚡@⚖️ Steadefi 🔺

🎙️ @DeltaPrime🔺 🚀Launch: December🚀 DeltaPrime is a highly innovative #DeFi protocol coming to #Avalanche with a unique value prop. Users can take out undercollateralized loans in a trustless way. Two Types of Users: 🐬 Deposit an asset to earn yield 🐋 Borrow up to 4-4.5x your collateral 🔥
🎙️ @DeltaPrime🔺 🚀Launch: December🚀 To prevent users from depositing, borrowing more and running off...Borrowed assets are held in 'smart contracts' that can be used with integrated dApps only. 🚀 Launch: Early December!
🎙️ @THORSwap ⚡ Thorswap connects Thorchain to liquidity protocols, such as TraderJoe. Resulting in the ability for users to swap their native coin on a supported chain directly to any token available on TraderJoe in just one transaction. ⚡1 click seamless cross-chain swapping
🎙️ @THORSwap ⚡ ⛓️ The innovative approach taken removes the problem of requiring multiple liquidity pools across chains ⚡With Thorswap, users get a full Token selection without the need of using a CEX, in a safe manner that does not wrap tokens or require bridging assets
🎙️ @Galxe ☄️ Galxe is the infrastructure for growth built for Web3 projects that allows for off-chain participants to be rewarded on-chain as badges or customizable NFTs. ⚒️ Projects can also drive off-chain and on-chain growth simultaneously using a wide range of features
🎙️ @Galxe • By utilizing Galxe’s off-chain credential system. Projects can set quests that direct users to complete tasks in return for rewards. • Galxe has huge community with 8.5 million users across 11 blockchains, so projects can attract a very wide variety of users.
🎙️ @⚖️ Steadefi 🔺 A protocol that enhances yield on blue-chip assets like $USDC and $AVAX by automatically executing and managing risk-adjusted strategies across protocols. ⚖️ Institutional grade risk management, that enhances yields and is accessible for every #DeFi user.
🎙️ @⚖️ Steadefi 🔺 🏦 Delta Neutral: Deposits $USDC and receive $USDC ⚗️ Delta One: Deposit $AVAX and receive $AVAX All products are 'one-click' vaults making them highly accesdsible to all. 🚀 Alpha testing is now live - enter the Discord to join
That's a wrap! Thanks to @Joe Intern🔺🌊📘 | 🧪 for notes 🐣 If you enjoy these Spaces where we bring the builders of the eco together to share insights + updates, give this tweet a retweet ♻️ Missed the recording? Listen to the playback here:…
Trader Joe🔺 | New AMM 🌊📘

Trader Joe🔺 | New AMM 🌊📘

🔺 #1 #DEX on #Avalanche 🌱 🔺 Discover #DeFi with Trader Joe 🔺 Liquidity Book AMM: Zero Slippage Trades
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