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Nov 25
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How I leveraged branding to get 26 inbound leads for my agency this month:

1. Create a Core Identity In order to distinguish yourself from your competition and instill brand recognition, you must define the elements of your brand that make you different from others.
Show your potential customers how your brand will improve their lives and solve their problems. You must identify the personality, values, attributes, strengths & results that will inform every decision your company makes.
2. Make it an Experience Your brand is not individually your product, your name, your advertising campaigns, or your media appearances, but all of these collectively. The prospect/client journey is what positions them for a sale and a prolonged future relationship.
Make sure that everyone who works for you emulates the values associated with your brand. Marketing is not limited to a select group of people within your company. It should be performed by everyone who works for you in order to create a unique brand at all times.
3. Interact with your Clients Like branding, social media is all about conversation and building effective relationships. In order to develop these relationships, you must facilitate continuous opportunities for dialogue and interaction with your clients.
Consistently create engaging content, reach out through social media platforms, and ask for feedback from your audience. In an age that promotes and expects instant gratification, social media can also be used for quick and easy customer service.
4. Be Consistent Consistency builds brand recognition & trust. If McDonald's suddenly had purple arches instead of yellow, it would be confusing. People don't always like change & when it comes to spending money they like the security of knowing exactly what to expect.
Be clear, consistent, and concise on your brand message. As long as your offer is valuable and your service is immaculate every time you interact, you will gain repeat customers time and time again.
5. Target your Audience This may be the most important one! In order to identify the correct medium and content that's best to reach your clients, you must ask yourself these 3 questions:
Who is my target audience and where are they located? What kind of information are my key customers and prospects looking for? Where are they getting that information right now and why is ours better?
You want to reach your audience through channels that they are active on. Then provide them with the information that they are looking for. By focusing your marketing efforts, you can ensure that your brand is being noticed by your prospective clients.
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Niall Carver

Niall Carver

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