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No Time? Cut the excuses! The 5 steps I took to drop 50 pounds, with no cardio, in less than 2 hours per week: = Thread =

On the left I was: - Overweight - Terrible diet - Had a high body fat % - And I was super unhealthy! I thought it was 'too hard' to lose weight and would take too much time! I thought I needed endless cardio I thought I needed a strict diet I was wrong!
People can often overcomplicate the fat loss journey... - Fad diets? - No calories? - Weight-loss shakes? - Hours on a treadmill? It's all rubbish! At the end of the day weight loss is a simple formula Weight loss = Energy in less than Energy out This is a caloric deficit
What did this simple formula tell me? I had to simplify the process! I needed to implement processes that: 1. Increased my energy burned (exercise) 2. Decreased my energy in (nutrition) 3. Do it sustainably (long term results) So how did I do that in less than 2hrs/week?
1. Eat a Consistent Diet If you learn nothing else from this thread learn this: The easiest way to create a caloric deficit is nutrition! A consistent diet allowed me to: - Know if my daily intake was ok - Maintain a consistent caloric deficit - Make healthy nutrition a habit
Tips to create a consistent diet - Calculate BMR - Subtract 500-700 calories - Calculate 40% of the calories as protein - Calculate 40% of the calories as carbs - Calculate 20% as fats - Create a database of meals that add up to 1/4 of those totals - Eat 4 of those meals per day
I created the following meals that I knew when combined each day would put me in my caloric deficit No tracking required! 1. Chobani Greek Yogurt and Protein 2. Chicken Breast, Rice, Beans 3. Oats, Banana, Blueberries 3. Chicken Breast, Tacos, Veggies, Salsa
2. Eat High Protein Protein helps: • Boost metabolism (burn calories) • Reduce hunger (slower to digest) • Build muscle (muscle cells burn more calories) I ate slightly over 1gm of protein per pound of body weight (or slightly over when in a deficit and lifting weights)
Easy sources of protein: • Milk • Tofu • Tuna • Eggs • Peas • Corn • Beef • Lamb • Beans • Seeds • Lentils • Turkey • Quinoa • Salmon • Chicken • Almonds • Avocado • Chickpeas • Greek Yogurt • Peanut Butter • Cottage Cheese • Brussel Sprouts
3. Limit Most Caloric Dense Foods These foods contain a high volume of calories relative to their weight. When trying to get our formula balance correct this is not ideal for weight loss. When you take in more calories with less food you stay hungry and increase cravings!
Calorie Dense Foods to Limit: • Sugar • Lollies • Alcohol • Dessert • Chocolate • Soft Drink • Deep- Fried Foods
4. Lift Weights I learned to love weight lifting Lifting weights helps: • Boost metabolism • Burn calories • Build Muscle • Burn calories while you sleep TRUTH BOMB: Lifting Weights is better for fat loss than cardio Aim for 3 sessions per week at home or in the gym
5. Drink 4 Litres of Water per Day Not only does your body need water to function properly! Water helps: • Boost metabolism • Suppress appetite • Improve Energy • Increase Exercise Performance Aim for 3-4L per day: • Carry a drink bottle • Drink each meal • Set a goal
There you have it! The 5 simple steps I took to drop 50 pounds • Eat a Consistent Diet • Eat High Protein • Limit Calorie Dense Foods • Lift Weights • Drink 3-4L of Water All with no cardio and less than 2 hours per week! You can do it to! Start today!
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No Time? Cut the excuses! The 5 steps I took to drop 50 pounds, with no cardio, in less than 2 hours per week: = Thread =
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